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QueenWine is unique Distributor for famous wine brand in France, Chile with celerated winelands, with a advanced manufacturing proccess, bring to the exquisite, full of passion flavor wine.


Vin de Table


Vin de table means Table wine, it is a wine term for wines without wine classification. Vin de Table is the most basic variety of wine. Vins de Table make up the lowest tier of French wine, and account for about 15% of production.
Currently the only restrictions on vins de table is that the grapes must be sourced from and the wine made in France, and chaptalisation (adding sugar to increase the fermented alcohol limit) is forbidden

Vin de Pays


The Vin de Pays category consists of the higher quality tier of French Table Wine. The most voluminous contributor to this category of wines is Vin de Pays d'Oc, from the Languedoc-Roussillon area in Mediterranean France.
Vin de pays carries a geographic designation of origin, the producers have to submit the wine for analysis and tasting, and the wines have to be made from certain varieties or blends.



Vin délimité de qualité supérieure ("Delimited Wine of Superior Quality"), usually abbreviated as VDQS. This is largely an obsolete category now. It was originally a ‘stepping stone’ designation from the lower quality Table Wine up to the AC wine. Many of these wine regions have since qualified for AC status and hence, VDQS now accounts for less than 2% of French wine production.
First they would apply to become a zonal vin de pays, then a VDQS, then a full AOC.



At the top of the appellation system are full AOC wines (AC or AOC). The label is intended as a guarantee of origin and of quality. An appellation is a term to denote a specific geographical region that has its own distinct laws for wine making. These laws control aspects such as the physical boundaries of vineyards, whether a wine has to made on the vine-grower’s estate or otherwise, the permitted grape varieties, pruning and planting techniques, vinification and ageing methods and other details.
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With the motto of quality , service and wine truly dedicated and caring we have honored over the years become a traditional suppliers and are confident with restaurants and hotels in major cities across the country.


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