Grand Cru
Cru Bourgeois

Cru Bourgeois is a wine term that you see on the label of some wines from Bordeaux.

Cru Bourgeois is a quality classification term for red wines produced in the Médoc, which is on the left bank region of Bordeaux. If Cru Bourgeois is on a wine label it means that the wine has been examined and certified as having the high enough quality and taste characteristics to qualify as a Cru Bourgeois.

AOC - Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée
Vin de Table

Vin de table means Table wine, it is a wine term for wines without wine classification. Vin de Table is the most basic variety of wine. Vins de Table make up the lowest tier of French wine, and account for about 15% of production.
Currently the only restrictions on vins de table is that the grapes must be sourced from and the wine made in France, and chaptalisation (adding sugar to increase the fermented alcohol limit) is forbidden

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